App Store

Owners of the XTMS system can upload, review, and promote apps. The two modules of App Management and App Store in the system help our partners and clients release various apps and provide problem-solving software services for merchants, improving terminal users’ satisfaction.

App Management:

App List, App Audit List, App Returned

App Store:

App Promotion, Slideshow

App Parameter Management:

Card, Passwords, IP Tables etc.

Promote Apps

Add the apps you want to promote and change the order by drag.

Find More Apps

  • Restaurants
  • Retail

  • Express
Global Partnership

NEXGO App Store always welcomes creative, functional and other apps needed by our end users. We are now recruiting global partners to provide more localized software services to our users in different countries and regions.


Countries and Regions

Developer Platform

SDK, Demo Code, Sample Code etc.