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Cloud Speaker

80 dB Built-in Speaker

KD58 is a cloud speaker broadcasting transaction messages to update the transaction status to merchants. 80 dB built-in speaker delivers clear broadcasting even under noisy environment. 1500 mAh battery and the low power consumption design can support to play 6,700+ transaction messages per charge.

  • Cloud

    Speaker and QR Sticker

  • 80 dB

    Built-in Speaker

  • 1500 mAh

    6,700+ Transaction Messages

Cloud Speaker

KD58 is a cloud speaker connected by GPRS and Wi-Fi, it broadcasts real-time transaction messages synchronously to prevent the loss of failed transactions in busy and crowded scenes.

  • GPRS

  • Wi-Fi

80 dB

The volume of KD58 can be adjusted to 80 dB, even in a busy restaurant around lunch time, merchants can still hear the transaction messages clearly.

1500 mAh Battery

KD58 is a low-power consumption device with a 1500 mAh battery, it can stand by for up to 75 hours and broadcast 6700+ transaction messages per charge.

  • 75+ Hours

  • 6700+ Transactions

Exquisite Design

The unique streamline design of the back is beautiful and more comfortable to grab it.

Big Panel

To paste the QR barcode sticker


On the front

Keys on the Back

Made from Silica Gel